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Who's Hot

Wednesday's Promo # 1


Save $75

Jeff Benton - 2nd Biggest Play of the Entire Seaosn

100 DIME
Road Warrior Game of the Year

BIGGER than the 75 Dime Winners on
Seattle last night and Toronto on Monday
- each of which you got for just $19 -

Use Coupon Code: Jeff75


Wednesay's Promo # 2

Save $28 off the purchase of ANY Handicapper's Play or Package
Use Coupon Code: Save28


Wednesday's Promo # 3

SAVE $90

Scott Delaney - Winning Day # 8 of 10

50 Dime Total of the Month - Goes on the Night Card

You just got his 100 Dime Winner on the Dodgers last night
for just $39

Use Coupon Code: Scott9


Wednesday's Promo # 4


Anthony Redd - 60 Dime Winner # 7 of 8

SAVE $70

3rd Straight 60 Dime Total Winner - N.L. Total of the Month

Use Coupon Code: Redd777

You got his 100 Dime Total of the Year on the Giants-Bucs Under
for just $14 last night


Wednesday's Promo # 5

SAVE $60

Al DeMarco - 15 Dime Dog of the Year

Only 3 plays bigger in my entire career

Bigger than last night's 10 Dime winner on the Marlins (+125)

Use Coupon Code: AD19

That Means You Get The Pick For Just $19


Important Note 

If any of the handicappers mentioned above are NOT at this site, 
simply contact Customer Service and they will tell you where to find them

60 Dime
Winner # 7 of 8
- and 60 Dime Total # 3 in a Row - 

N.L. Total of the Month

Game Hasn't Started



My First 100 Dimer of the Season

100 DIME
Total of the Year

Pirates/Giants Under in a 3-1 Final
- and you got the winner for just $14 -

2014 Dog of the Year

15 Dimer - Hasn't Started Yet

Bigger than last night's 10 Dime Dog on the 
Marlins (+125) over Washington 3-0

Only 3 MLB plays bigger than this one in my entire career



Today's free play on the Cubs-Rockies
available now on my homepage

30 Dime Blowout

Easy Run Line on the MLB card

$10 Bettors are up

$3,085 the last eight weeks

$10 Bettors are up

$4,665 since February

Winner #29 of 49

5 Dime Dog of the Day

Winner - White Sox (+145) at Detroit, 11-4

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