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23-12 the past 35 days 

$10 bettors have netted $3,700 in that stretch


2/3 - 50 Dime - San Diego State (CB) - Win
2/2 - 25 Dime - Florida Atlantic (CB) - Loss
2/1 - 50 Dime - Seattle (CB) - Loss
1/31 - 25 Dime - Kansas State (CB) - Loss
1/30 - 25 Dime - Oral Roberts (CB) - WIN
1/29 - 50 Dime - Eagles - WIN
1/28 - 100 Dime - Florida Atlantic - (CB) - Loss
1/27 - 75 Dime - North Dakota State (CB) - WIN
1/26 - 25 Dime - Florida Atlantic (CB) - WIN
1/25 - 25 Dime - Houston (CB) - WIN
1/24 - 50 Dime - Southern Illinois (CB) - Loss
1/23 - 25 Dime - Oakland (CB) - WIN
1/22 - 50 Dime - 49ers - WIN
1/21 - 50 Dime - Eagles - WIN
1/20 - 50 Dime - Utah Jazz - Loss
1/19 - 50 Dime - Southern Utah (CB) - WIN
1/18 - 50 Dime - Indiana State (CB) - Loss
1/17 - 50 Dime - Boise State (CB) - WIN
1/16 - 25 Dime - Cowboys - WIN
1/15 - 100 Dime - Bills/Bengals Teaser - Loss
1/14 - UT-Rio Grande Valley (CB) - Loss
1/13 - 50 Dime - Quinnipiac (CB) - Loss
1/12 - 50 Dime - Stephen F Austin (CB) - WIN
1/11 - 50 Dime - Utah Valley (CB) - WIN
1/10 - 50 Dime - Kansas State (CB) - WIN
1/9 - 25 Dime - Georgia (CF) - WIN
1/8 - 100 Dime - Bills/Bengals Teaser - WIN
1/7 - 50 Dime - Creighton (CB) Loss
1/6 - 50 Dime - Ball State (CB) - WIN
1/5 - 50 Dime - Arizona State (CB) - WIN
1/4 - 50 Dime - Indiana State (CB) - WIN
1/3 - 50 Dime - Tennessee (CB) - WIN
1/2 - 50 Dime - LSU (CF) - WIN
1/1 - 75 Dime - Ravens - Loss
12/31 - 50 Dime - TCU (CF) - WIN

January 9, 2023

I was one of only TWO guys at this site on
Georgia in the National Championship game!

Georgia (-13) 65-7 over TCU

Here's what I told my clients:

Let me begin by saying I had TCU against Michigan in the semis. 

Never thought in a million years the Horned Frogs would actually win the game, but obviously believed they were getting too many points at +7 1/2.

What does it tell you that tonight getting nearly twice as many, I don't like them against Georgia?

When I look back at that Michigan game I think it was more a case of the Wolverines giving the game away with costly turnovers and lethargic play in the 1st half than TCU winning it. 

Now I'm not saying the Horned Frogs didn't deserve to win or they didn't capitalize on every opportunity presented them, but Michigan was outcoached and outplayed. 

Lost in the euphoria of TCU's stunning upset is the fact that just 4 weeks earlier this same team was thoroughly outplayed in the Big 12 Championship game by Kansas State for 3 1/2 quarters. If not for Max Duggan single-handedly willing the Horned Frogs to a game-tying score that forced overtime, the Wildcats would have won with ease. 

And what happened to K-State in the bowl season? It got crushed by Alabama, that little team that also hails from the SEC.

Georgia is bigger, badder and more talented than any team TCU has faced this season. 

How many times did the Horned Frogs seemingly rally for wins this year? Far easier to do when you're facing the K-State's, Texas Tech's and Oklahoma State's of the Big 12 than the defending national champs from the best conference in college football. 

Georgia just took every body shot Ohio State could deliver and showed its championship mettle with a stunning 4th-quarter rally.

You think the Bulldogs are going to be fazed by anything TCU throws at them tonight? 

I believe the public simply can't resist grabbing the points since this is the largest number they've seen in a CFP or BCS championship since January 2003 when Miami of Florida was favored against Ohio State.  

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