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New Orleans at SAN ANTONIO (226')

By Mitchell Newman, Featured Handicapper

All set for another major wager winner to deliver on Saturday.

Winning Day # 19 of 25 (and 12 of 14)

$10 bettors up $8,145 past 24 days

Biggest Hoops Play Goes Again

100 DIME
Winner # 18 of 27
Pac-12 Late Night Lock of the Year

UCLA-Colorado - 10:00 PM Eastern

Matches last Sunday's 100 Dime
Winner on Michigan over Ohio State

12-3 with 75 Dimers This Month
including Tampa in the Super Bowl -
and this play is BIGGER than ALL of them!

2 1/2 Times Bigger than last night's
40 Dime Winner on Drake over Bradley

This one is another easy money winner.

Major wager winner for the late night card here on Saturday.

Saturday comp play in the NBA is the tried-and-true as the New Orleans Pelicans once again play Over the posted total in their game in San Antonio versus the Spurs.

New Orleans made it 11 straight Overs on Thursday night when they combined with the Milwaukee Bucks to land in the Over column. Not only are the Pels 11-0 Over their last 11, but they are also 18-1 Over the total for their last 19 games and for the year they have played 24 of their 32 games in the Over column.

San Antonio is nowhere near that kind of Over run, but the Spurs have seen 2 of their last 3 play Over and they are 5-5 Over for their last 10 games contested.

This is the second meeting between the teams this year. True, the first did stay well Under the posted price, but that game was played all the way back in December. Right now based on what we are seeing with Stan Van Gundy's shoot, shoot, shoot, don't defend team I think the best bet is to stay on the Over train right now and go with New Orleans to make is a dozen straight Overs after these 4 quarters are in the books.

Pelicans-Spurs Over.